How to index website to google faster | Google Search Console tool with Google Indexing API


Better way to index website to google search very fast 

Are you waiting your page to display on google search ?

If so I would like to share with you about my experiences with it too. Please check the reason below to see why your post is not index to google even waiting for several weeks. 

1. You may not yet connect or verified your website to Google Search Console 

2. Your website is blocked by robots.txt or not yet submit the sitemap

3. Most of website link are excluded by Google Search Console Tool

4. Other issues that we can't get specific error.

Two ways to index your Website to Google Search :

1. Using only Google Search Console

Basically to use this tool is not hard to do by your own but the main point is the results are not working well. So today I just go through very brief how to connect it.

1.1 Go to Google Search Console and add property 

1.2 Ownership verification

You can follow instruction to verify by Domain name provider , HTML tag, Google Analytics, HTML file and Google Tag Manager. you can just only choose one way that easy to verify after done you will redirect to home page

1.3 Submit sitemap or Manually Inspect URL

Go to blogger settings then find Robots txt and enable it by past content(just example) below or your own custom robots.txt that fit your site.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow: User-agent: * Disallow: /search Allow: / Sitemap: your_website_url/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500
Click on Sitemaps and enter sitemap.xml then click submit. This tool will discover the links or pages from  your website and index automatically in several days
In case you wish to request google to index your page by manually. Please go to URL Inspection and Click REQUEST INDEX

2. Using Google Search Console + Google Indexing API

You can use this android app Indexer 4 SEO

Notice : To Understand this I think it's a bit required you to understand the API and coding. But If you don't know about it another way still have for you is finding any tool from Website or App that provide service to index website by Google Indexing API. 
For people be able to code please click this link 

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